AOC AGON AG275QXPD Screen Size Dimensions

AGON AG275QXPD screen size, viewport size, pixel density and more information.


WIDTH 2560 px
HEIGHT 1440 px
SCREEN SIZE INCH 27" (inches)
CASE WIDTH 24.15 in | 61.3 cm | 613.4 mm | 2.01 ft
CASE HEIGHT 14.4 in | 36.6 cm | 365.7 mm | 1.2 ft
CASE DEPTH 2.03 in | 5.2 cm | 51.6 mm | 0.17 ft
PX DENSITY 109 ppi
YEAR 2023


The AOC AGON AG275QXPD is a high-performance monitor designed to meet the specific needs of users who require a sharp and detailed display for various applications. With a screen width of 2560 pixels and a screen height of 1440 pixels, the monitor offers a stunning visual experience with crisp and clear images. The 27-inch screen size provides an immersive viewing area, making it suitable for gaming, graphic design, video editing, and other multimedia tasks. The AH-IPS display type ensures consistent and accurate colors from wide viewing angles, catering to professionals who demand color precision.

The screen's pixel density of 109 pixels per inch (ppi) contributes to the overall visual quality, ensuring that users can enjoy fine details and smooth edges in their content. The 16:9 aspect ratio is well-suited for widescreen multimedia content and provides ample space for multitasking and productivity. Whether users are gaming, working on creative projects, or simply enjoying high-definition media, the AOC AGON AG275QXPD's screen specifications deliver a compelling visual experience.

In addition to its impressive display capabilities, the monitor's sleek and modern design, with a case width of 24.15 inches, case height of 14.4 inches, and case depth of 2.03 inches, makes it a stylish addition to any workspace. The release of this monitor in 2023 demonstrates AOC's commitment to staying at the forefront of display technology, offering users the latest advancements in visual performance. Whether for professional use or immersive entertainment, the AOC AGON AG275QXPD is a versatile monitor that caters to the specific needs of users who demand high-quality visuals and reliable performance.