vivo Y200 (China)

Vivo Y200 (China) Screen Size Dimensions

Vivo Y200 (China) screen size dimensions, viewport size, pixel density and more information.


WIDTH 1080 px
HEIGHT 2400 px
PX DENSITY ~388 ppi
DISPLAY TYPE AMOLED, 1B colors, 120Hz, 1300 nits (peak)
PHYSICAL SIZE MM 164.4 x 74.8 x 7.6/7.8/8.0 mm
OPERATING SYSTEM Android 14, OriginOS 4
RELEASE DATE Released 2024, May 24


The vivo Y200 boasts a stunning 6.78-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, resulting in an impressive pixel density of approximately 388 ppi. This display is a visual treat, offering vibrant and true-to-life colors with its support for 1 billion colors. The aspect ratio of 11:24 provides a widescreen viewing experience, ideal for multimedia consumption and gaming. Additionally, the device's display is equipped with a high refresh rate of 120Hz, ensuring smooth and fluid interactions, whether scrolling through content or playing fast-paced games.

One of the standout features of the vivo Y200's display is its exceptional peak brightness of 1300 nits, allowing for excellent outdoor visibility even in bright sunlight. This makes the device ideal for users who frequently find themselves using their smartphones in various lighting conditions. The physical dimensions of the device measure 164.4 x 74.8 x 7.6/7.8/8.0 mm, providing a sleek and modern aesthetic while offering a comfortable grip for extended use.

Running on the latest Android 14 with OriginOS 4, the vivo Y200 ensures a smooth and intuitive user experience, taking full advantage of its impressive display for seamless navigation and multitasking. With its large, high-resolution AMOLED display and advanced display features, the vivo Y200 is a compelling choice for users seeking a visually stunning and immersive smartphone experience.