Acer beTouch E100

Acer beTouch E100 Screen Size Dimensions

Acer beTouch E100 screen size dimensions, viewport size, pixel density and more information.


WIDTH 240 px
HEIGHT 400 px
PX DENSITY ~146 ppi
DISPLAY TYPE TFT resistive touchscreen, 65K colors
PHYSICAL SIZE MM 113 x 56 x 12.8 mm
OPERATING SYSTEM Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional
RELEASE DATE Released 2009, October


The Acer beTouch E100 is a smartphone released by Acer in October 2009. It features a 3.2-inch TFT resistive touchscreen display with a screen resolution of 240 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall. The screen size aligns with industry standards for smartphones at the time of its release.

The pixel density of the device is approximately 146 pixels per inch (ppi). While this may be considered low by today's standards, it was relatively common for smartphones released in 2009. The pixel density affects the sharpness and clarity of the display, with higher pixel densities generally resulting in crisper images and text.

The aspect ratio of the screen is 29:48, which is a relatively standard aspect ratio for smartphones. This aspect ratio provides a balanced display that is suitable for both portrait and landscape orientations.

The display technology used in the Acer beTouch E100 is TFT (Thin Film Transistor) resistive touchscreen. This type of display offers good color reproduction and viewing angles. However, resistive touchscreens are less responsive compared to capacitive touchscreens, which became more popular in later smartphone models.

The display supports 65K colors, which was also common for smartphones in 2009. While this may not provide the same level of color accuracy and vibrancy as modern devices with higher color depths, it was sufficient for most users' needs at the time.

In terms of physical dimensions, the Acer beTouch E100 measures approximately 113 x 56 x 12.8 mm (4.45 x 2.20 x 0.50 in). These dimensions make it a compact and pocket-friendly device.

The Acer beTouch E100 runs on the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional operating system, which was a popular choice for smartphones during that time. This OS provided users with a range of features and functionalities, including access to apps, email, web browsing, and more.

Overall, the screen size and resolution of the Acer beTouch E100 align with industry standards and user expectations for smartphones released in 2009. While the pixel density and color depth may be considered low by today's standards, they were typical for devices of that era.