Dell E2424HS Screen Size Dimensions

E2424HS screen size, viewport size, pixel density and more information.


WIDTH 1920 px
HEIGHT 1920 px
SCREEN SIZE INCH 24" (inches)
CASE WIDTH 21.21 in | 53.9 cm | 538.64 mm | 1.77 ft
CASE HEIGHT 12.76 in | 32.4 cm | 324.21 mm | 1.06 ft
CASE DEPTH 1.93 in | 4.9 cm | 48.9 mm | 0.16 ft
YEAR 2023


The Dell E2424HS monitor boasts a 24-inch display with a screen width and height of 1920 pixels, resulting in a square aspect ratio of 1:1. This unique aspect ratio sets it apart from the more common widescreen displays, making it particularly well-suited for certain professional applications such as graphic design, where a square display can provide a more balanced view of the content.

The display type of the Dell E2424HS is VA (Vertical Alignment), known for its high native contrast ratio, good color reproduction, and strong viewing angles. This makes it an excellent choice for both professional and entertainment use, where accurate color representation and wide viewing angles are essential.

With a screen pixel density of 92 pixels per inch, the Dell E2424HS offers a sharp and detailed image quality, ensuring that content is displayed with clarity and precision. The monitor's case dimensions of 21.21 inches in width, 12.76 inches in height, and 1.93 inches in depth provide a sleek and compact design that can easily fit into various workspaces.

Overall, the Dell E2424HS stands out as a unique and versatile monitor, offering a square aspect ratio, VA display technology, and a high pixel density for a detailed and immersive viewing experience. Whether used for professional design work or entertainment purposes, this monitor delivers impressive visual performance and a distinctive display format.