V247Y bmixv

Acer V247Y bmixv Screen Size Dimensions

V247Y bmixv screen size, viewport size, pixel density and more information.


WIDTH 1920 px
HEIGHT 1080 px
SCREEN SIZE INCH 24" (inches)
CASE WIDTH 21.26 in | 54 cm | 540 mm | 1.77 ft
CASE HEIGHT 12.76 in | 32.4 cm | 324 mm | 1.06 ft
CASE DEPTH 2.6 in | 6.6 cm | 66 mm | 0.22 ft
YEAR 2022


The Acer V247Y bmixv is a 24-inch monitor with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, delivering a crisp and clear display. This screen size and resolution are common standards for monitors in its category, providing a balance between viewing area and pixel density. The IPS display type ensures vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, making it suitable for various tasks such as gaming, multimedia editing, and everyday office work.

With a screen aspect ratio of 16:9, the Acer V247Y bmixv offers a widescreen viewing experience that is well-suited for watching movies and multitasking. The monitor's sleek case dimensions of 21.26 inches in width, 12.76 inches in height, and 2.6 inches in depth make it a compact and space-efficient choice for desktop setups. Released in 2022, this monitor incorporates modern technology to meet the demands of contemporary users.

The screen pixel density of 92 pixels per inch (ppi) contributes to sharp image quality, allowing for clear and detailed visuals. Overall, the Acer V247Y bmixv combines a generous screen size, high-resolution display, and advanced features to provide an immersive viewing experience for both work and entertainment purposes.