KG241Y Sbiip

Acer KG241Y Sbiip Screen Size Dimensions

KG241Y Sbiip screen size, viewport size, pixel density and more information.


WIDTH 1920 px
HEIGHT 1080 px
SCREEN SIZE INCH 24" (inches)
CASE WIDTH 21.27 in | 54 cm | 540.3 mm | 1.77 ft
YEAR 2022


The Acer KG241Y Sbiip is a 24-inch monitor designed to deliver a captivating visual experience. With a screen width of 1920 pixels and a screen height of 1080 pixels, this monitor offers a Full HD resolution that ensures crisp and clear imagery. The display features a VA panel, known for its high contrast ratio and excellent color reproduction, making it an ideal choice for both gaming and multimedia consumption.

The screen of the Acer KG241Y Sbiip boasts a pixel density of 92 pixels per inch (PPI), resulting in sharp details and vibrant colors across the entire display. The 16:9 aspect ratio further enhances the viewing experience, providing a widescreen format that is well-suited for various content types.

In addition to its impressive display technology, the monitor's sleek case design measures 21.27 inches in width, ensuring a compact and space-efficient setup. The release of this model in 2022 showcases Acer's commitment to staying at the forefront of monitor innovation, offering users the latest advancements in display technology.

Whether used for gaming, professional tasks, or entertainment, the Acer KG241Y Sbiip monitor delivers an immersive visual experience, making it a valuable addition to any workspace or gaming setup.