Acer KA270H Screen Size Dimensions

KA270H screen size, viewport size, pixel density and more information.


WIDTH 1920 px
HEIGHT 1080 px
SCREEN SIZE INCH 27" (inches)
CASE WIDTH 25.2 in | 64 cm | 640 mm | 2.1 ft
CASE HEIGHT 15 in | 38.1 cm | 381 mm | 1.25 ft
CASE DEPTH 2.4 in | 6.1 cm | 61 mm | 0.2 ft
YEAR 2015


The Acer KA270H monitor, released in 2015, features a 27" display with a screen width of 1920 pixels and a screen height of 1080 pixels, aligning with the industry standard for Full HD resolution. The screen size and resolution meet user expectations for a monitor of this size, providing clear and detailed visuals for various tasks such as gaming, multimedia consumption, and productivity.

With a screen aspect ratio of 16:9, the Acer KA270H adheres to the widescreen standard, making it suitable for watching movies and engaging in multimedia content. The VA display type offers excellent color reproduction and wide viewing angles, enhancing the overall viewing experience for users.

The monitor's case dimensions of 25.2 inches in width, 15 inches in height, and 2.4 inches in depth provide a sleek and modern aesthetic while also aligning with typical industry standards for a 27" monitor. The screen pixel density of 81 pixels per inch contributes to sharp image quality, meeting the expectations of users who prioritize visual clarity and detail in their displays.

Overall, the Acer KA270H monitor's screen size, resolution, aspect ratio, and pixel density align with industry standards and effectively meet user expectations for a high-quality visual experience across various applications.